Welcome to Pet School

Our mission at Pet School is to give easy, accurate and affordable online training to dog owners, dog walkers and pet sitters, so that every pet gets the best care and every person gets the best information.

We firmly believe that living and working with dogs should be fun and we use reward-based training methods combined with calm leadership techniques to create calm and emotionally stable dogs.

Pet School’s resources aim to give you the confidence and competence to raise your puppy or to work with someone else’s.


Resources for Dog Owners

Have you just adopted a new puppy and you’re finding puppy raising more challenging than you anticipated?

Read our blogs to get you started. They’re full of easy to digest information and doable steps to get your relationship with your puppy back on track, because raising puppies can be hard work and isn’t always intuitive.





Resources for Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

Have you just started a dog walking or pet sitting business and are finding that now you’re working with a wide variety of dogs, you’re experiencing some challenges? By now you will have discovered that dogs are completely unique and each dog has their own likes, dislikes, history and threshold and some of them are full of surprises.

Read our blogs to get help that’s easy to digest and implement.